Digital Innovation Hub

Four Pillars

1. Foundational »

The iHub creates a culture of innovation at Brigham Health through hospital-wide events, community engagement, and other activities that foster cross-disciplinary collaboration around digital health.

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2. Inside-Out »

The iHub was initially founded as an internal resource for innovators who want to develop and commercialize their solutions, and still puts much of its focus into bringing internal innovators and their ideas forward. The iHub provides support to Brigham Health clinicians, researchers, and administrators to help them turn digital health ideas into reality. As an advisory service, the iHub interacts and provides guidance and feedback on digital health concepts at all stages – from back of the napkin ideas to fully formed and validated solutions like Twiage, Herald Health, BrainSpec.

Through various resources such as the iHub Open Innovation Studio, the Digital Health Innovation Guide, events hosted exclusively for innovators and much more, the iHub has helped dozens of Brigham innovators move their innovative ideas and technologies forward to positively impact patient experience and care, both now and in the future.

iHub Resources for Internal Innovation:

Open Innovation Studio »
The best place to start exploring and cultivating your idea.

Digital Health Innovation Guide »
Creating a digital infrastructure.

3. Outside-In »

The iHub evaluates digital health solutions from startups and larger external companies for opportunities to enhance care delivery at Brigham Health. The team works to coordinate these external validation efforts with the larger Partners Healthcare community.

Digital Health Startup looking to engage with iHub?
The iHub led and created a central repository for startup companies that reach out to the Mass General Brigham community through This resource encourages further communication and coordination between the various innovation sites at Mass General Brigham. The intake process is one mechanism that allows us to evaluate and assess fit within our institution. Typically, once companies have completed the form, if there is alignment with strategic initiatives and priorities at Brigham Health, an introductory meeting will be held to better understand opportunities and potentials for adoption.


Internal Partners Community member interested in engaging with Digital Health Startups?
By navigating the database of digital health companies, you can view and connect with individuals and departments across the system. Please note, this is only open to those with a Partners Healthcare account.


Want to learn more?
Partners Community members looking for information are welcome to contact iHub.

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4. Digital Transformation »

The iHub specializes in digitizing existing solutions when appropriate to enhance operations, the Brigham and Women’s Hospital campus, and the patient and staff experience.

Improving outcomes, facilitating the patient experience, and helping employees in their day-to-day experience have driven projects at the iHub, with many other types of recent launches, and ongoing projects that encompass a wide range of innovative, transformative digital solutions.