Digital Innovation Hub


We work with innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and the healthcare community to foster a culture of innovation. iHub team members provide a variety of services within Mass General Brigham and to the community-at-large. Some of these functions are listed below to provide a general sense of the role of the iHub. Services listed present a snapshot of iHub activities:

  • Ideation
    Helping innovators formulate their ideas and concepts
  • Education
    Providing education on healthcare innovation to medical residents and the healthcare community
  • Partnerships
    Facilitating connections between innovators, companies, and investors within and beyond Mass General Brigham
  • User Design
    Leading innovators to optimize the thoughtful and meaningful design of experiences for all stakeholders
  • Market Research and Insights
    Providing market landscape and analysis of segments in healthcare
  • System Navigation
    Shepherding individuals through our large, integrated health system to achieve desired goals
  • Coaching
    Providing guidance to innovators to support and mature their ideas
  • Strategy
    Assisting innovators with developing business plans, strategy and market analysis
  • Development
    Supporting innovators by refining their ideas and products—and connecting to appropriate technical resources
  • Implementation
    Executing digital health pilots and testing innovative solutions
  • Validation
    Assessing the accuracy of innovative solutions

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