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Providing Resources, Expertise and Guidance

The iHub was initially founded as an internal resource for innovators who want to develop and commercialize their solutions, and still puts much of its focus into bringing internal innovators and their ideas forward. The iHub provides support to Brigham Health clinicians, researchers, and administrators to help them turn digital health ideas into reality. As an advisory service, the iHub interacts and provides guidance and feedback on digital health concepts at all stages – from back of the napkin ideas to fully formed and validated solutions.

Through various resources such as the iHub Open Innovation Studio, the Digital Health Innovation Guide, events hosted exclusively for innovators and much more, the iHub has helped dozens of Brigham Health innovators move their innovative ideas and technologies forward to positively impact patient experience and care, both now and in the future.

iHub Resources for Internal Innovation:

Open Innovation Studio »
The best place to start exploring and cultivating your idea.

Digital Health Innovation Guide »
Creating a digital infrastructure.

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