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WCVB: Google Glass keeping neonatal infants, parents connected at Brigham

Mothers of pre-term babies often have heightened anxiety about the welfare of their newborn, especially when the infant is isolated in a special unit with tubes and monitors attached.  But now Google Glass technology is helping some of those parents during the difficult time.
The idea came from neonatal nurse Stephanie Shine. A veteran of the NICU, she is also a mom. Her second child required intensive care. They were separated for 18 hours and she thought there must be something technology can do.

“It’s something I wasn’t aware of (as a nurse) is that these moms are separated for an extended period of time and how hard that is to actually bond with your baby in that critical time after your baby is born. It can be many hours — when the staff takes the baby out of the room to be admitted to the NICU. I just can’t imagine how you feel,” Shine said.

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