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Top 5 Healthcare Panels to Check out This Week @ SXSW Austin

Going to SXSW Austin? You may know which artists and films you can’t wait to be highlighted, but what about healthcare sessions to leave you eager to innovate? Based on our Top 10 Healthcare Innovations for 2015, these are the 5 panels we are most excited about. What do Brigham Innovation Hub, data analytics, consumer behavior, gaming, and personalization have in common? They’re all trying to inform healthcare in novel, interdisciplinary ways.  Set the stage for a week of brainstorming here.

  1. Turning Big Healthcare into Hubs of Innovation

  2. Wearables, Data, and What We Can Do With It

  3. Why and How to Be Bolder in Healthcare IT

  4. Radical Healthcare: What Do Consumers Want?

  5. Personalized Medicine: From a Vision Into a Plan






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