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The Great Divide: mental health, medicine, and consumer health

It was exciting to attend this year’s Partners Connected Health Symposium and hear people talking about emotion monitoring. Our mental health is the next frontier. Leading up to the conference I wrote this piece for  to help start the conversation on how to think about innovation in mental health care. Below is an excerpt and full article is posted here.

“Mental health is the largest unmet medical need of our society. At any one time over 1 in 4 people have a diagnosable mental illness and if you include addition it is over 50% of the population. Mental health impacts every part of what we do, so much so it is impossible to get a good estimate of the cost. Take anxiety based disorders, over 40 million people have an anxiety based disorder right now in the US. About 50% don’t get any treatment and only about 15% get minimum adequate care. Yet we know that anxiety leads to other medical conditions, lost days of work, and has many other side effects sometimes very severe.

Yet there has been relatively little innovation in mental health care….”

(Full article here posted on





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