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MedCity News: Brigham and Women’s tries microblogging for care continuity

Read about efforts at Brigham and Women’s Hospital to modernize and streamline communication across care teams.

Being patient-centered and providing care in teams is supposed to address all the fragmentation in healthcare, but it’s hard to implement such plans when processes and technology are as fragmented as the care itself, a Brigham & Women’s Hospital physician explained Monday at the American Medical Informatics Association annual symposium.

“Care team communication in acute care settings is fragmented, inefficient, and difficult,” according to a paper presented by Dr. Anuj Dalal, a hospitalist at the Harvard-affiliated Boston institution. Clinicians have had to communicate over multiple platforms, including e-mail, text messaging — neither of which is secure by HIPAA standards — and even that 1980s technology known as alphanumeric paging.

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