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BWH Clinical & Research News: Next Generation: Hacking Health Care

Read about one Hackathon attendee’s experience:

The Next Generation is a BWH Clinical & Research News (CRN) column penned by residents, fellows, graduate students and postdocs. This month’s column is written by Joao Ribas, a PhD student and research fellow in the Khademhosseini lab. Ribas recently participated as a mentor in the third annual Brigham Innovation Hub’s Hackathon, which took place from Nov. 6 to 8 and was organized by Brigham Innovation Hub in collaboration with MIT Hacking Medicine.

As the auditorium is filling up with skilled and creative minds, the judges take their seats in the first row, eager to see the innovative solutions for health care born during the weekend of Brigham Innovation Hub’s Hackathon. Health care hackathons bring doctors, engineers, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs together in one place to tackle health problems in a short amount of time. The allure of a health care hackathon is this improbable gathering of combined expertise in a single location. It accelerates the innovation process and propels outstanding ideas and solutions for pressing health care needs.

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