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NextUp: XR

MGB NextUp: XR is an initiative to support and grow the medical extended reality community at Mass General Brigham. The core components of this initiative are: Community, Research and Discovery, and Advisory Services

About NextUp: XR


To connect people across MGB and throughout the broader ecosystem of Medical XR, we have created the community for medical extended reality at MGB

  • MGB XR Club Events (read more below), our flagship monthly programming to connect people and spark ideas. XR Club is open to anyone in the community.
  • Facilitated online, asynchronous discussions, sharing industry news, stories, and other information & resources

Research and Discovery

  • Market landscape and industry analysis on XR
  • Connections to startups and industry working at the intersection of healthcare and XR
  • Access to AR/VR devices

Advisory Services

To support the development and implementation of innovative projects using XR, we offer:

  • Provide 1:1 ideation consults
  • Brainstorm ways to use and apply XR for ideas and projects
  • Guidance on technical and operational implementation

Featured Work

Augmented Reality Code Cart

In collaboration with the Brigham Center for Nursing Excellence, the iHub developed a virtual code cart in augmented reality. New nurses and other providers are utilizing this prototype code cart to familiarize location and content of code carts as part of their onboarding and continuous education curriculum.

MGB XR Lookbook

Over the past year, the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub has led the curation and compilation of medical extended reality use cases across the Mass General Brigham system. Learn more about all of the various research and clinical projects, as well as the innovators behind them.

Medical Extended Reality

MGB XR Network Events

In collaboration with BWH STRATUS and MGH AR/VR Lab, we host a monthly XR Network Event series to engage clinicians, scientists, academics and all staff interested in discovering what’s new and learning best practices in medical XR. We feature speakers working on cutting edge research pilots, discuss the latest industry news, and invite vendors to demo XR hardware and software products.

Upcoming Events

Join us in person or virtually in extended reality for our monthly community events. Be sure to register in advance and connect with other innovators.