Digital Innovation Hub

Aaron Pikcilingis

Aaron Pikcilingis is an Innovation Specialist with the iHub. A generalist with deep expertise in software development, human-centered design, and healthcare, Pikcilingis supports innovators at the Brigham as they develop novel ideas for improving healthcare, providing strategic advice and logistical guidance for their early-stage ideas.

Prior to joining the iHub, Pikcilingis spent three years at ViiV Healthcare’s hive innovation unit, where he led innovation design sprint teams focused on devising programs to support people living with HIV, then managed the evaluation and implementation of multiple programs developed by the hive. Before that, Aaron spent 10 years as a software developer at Boston Children’s Hospital creating digital tools to identify and assess health-related social needs and monitor remotely the symptoms and experiences of patients living with chronic pediatric disease. Over the past several years he has also undertaken pro bono consulting for nonprofits in the northeast and taken on roles in local government, serving as an elected member of his local legislative body and as an appointed member of multiple town committees focused on structural change.

Pikcilingis’ interests include the social determinants of health, role of temporal experiences and expectations in healthcare, and exploring the bicycle as a tool for social change and improved health, but he is also excited to hear about and help develop ideas on any topic that will improve the work we do at the Brigham.

Pikcilingis is a graduate of Skidmore College with a degree in social psychology, focusing on the mechanisms and impacts of social stratification.