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Virtual PSA Monitoring Program (VPSAM)

The Virtual PSA Monitoring Program (VPSAM) saves prostate cancer survivors travel time by leveraging technology to monitor for signs of recurring prostate cancer remotely using a combination of software and nurse practitioner lead remote encounters to provide care.  Through VPSAM, patients get reminders to get their prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels checked at participating sites closer to home. They also are monitored using a combination of telephone visits with a nurse practitioner and prostate cancer screening online questionnaires.  Feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly positive: Over 90% of all patients questioned thought VPSAM made their healthcare easier, more convenient, and reduced travel related stress. Importantly, VPSAM virtual visits have increased the number of new patient slots within the department of radiation oncology, contributing to an overall increase in 15% gross revenue for the department since implementation. Read more about Rich Boyajian’s innovation idea here and published literature here.