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herald health

Platform Delivering Intelligent Workflows and Care Delivery Processes (Herald Health)

Herald Health aims to help providers deliver responsive care with actionable data. The platform flexibly integrates with and plugs into existing workflows and data streams, sending important, timely and customizable information through push notifications, such as meaningful changes in medical profiles.

Dr. Diephuis started his journey as a computer scientist and an Internal Medicine resident here at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, positioning himself as a unique and enterprising innovator with a knack for spotting pain points. He co-founded and launched Herald Health in 2015 during the third iHub Hackathon. Herald Health was acquired by Persistent Systems in 2018.

“Sometimes ideas can just sit in notebooks for a long time, but being a part of the Brigham community really gave us the ability to bring the right people together in order to bring Herald Health to life,” explains Diephuis. “Being part of the Hackathon gave us access to connect with the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub, and to receive the Health IT mentorship and perspective from Adam Landman, MD, CIO of Brigham Health. They were able to guide us and tell us if this idea was worth it.”