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Validation key in digital health, but how do you get started?

Last night at a Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs event, industry players discussed the ins and outs of how to validate a digital health product, regardless of funding.

Once a promising futuristic industry, digital health is merging into mainstream medicine. Now in the limelight, conversations around how these digital tools should be validated are starting to take place.

But for startups, getting validation often means securing money and partners, creating potential barriers for young startups. Last night at Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs digital health event, industry experts dished on the why, when and how of validation.

Validation doesn’t always mean a standard clinical trial. It could mean a lot of different things depending on the users and the purpose.

“I think we should define what validation is. So there is clinical validation, but there is validating what is a useful tool and even earlier than that validating if it is needed,” Dr. Mark Zhang, medical director of the digital innovation hub at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said during the panel. “We see ideas and concepts at all stages.”

Validation expectations also different significantly depending on the end user.

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