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How Collaboration between Clinicians and Developers Can Declutter the Healthcare Experience

The healthcare industry is struggling under the weight of inefficiencies such as administrative burden: everyday, painful problems that clog and clutter and lead to frustration. Ignoring these issues in favor of solving moonshots isn’t the answer, no matter how alluring and aspirational they may seem. Instead, health care systems must deal with the nitty-gritty administrative inefficiencies to de-clutter our workflows and create space for real moonshot thinking.

On November 21st, 2019, the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub (iHub) collaborated with MassChallenge HealthTech to kick off their HealthTechies initiative to invite new talent into healthcare by hosting a panel discussion and keynote to take a deeper dive into how clinicians and developers could work together to remove operational inefficiencies. Three startups working with Brigham Health were featured. Sarah Bottjen, Account Executive from Redox, Joanna Geisinger, Founder, CEO of TORq, and Kyle Wu, M.D. Project Co-Lead of Knot, introduced their technologies’ current and potential impact to the Brigham and engaged in a lively panel discussion moderated by Santosh Mohan, MMCI, Managing Director of the Brigham iHub. The night was concluded with a keynote from Jeff Greenberg, M.D., MBA, COO of Firefly Health and a health tech expert with leadership experience in both hospitals and startup settings.

To learn more about this event, read the blog from Mass Digital Health and sign up for the iHub mailing list below to learn about future events.

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