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66 hospitals and health systems with innovation programs | 2018

Becker’s Healthcare is pleased to recognize 66 hospitals and health systems with innovation programs.

The hospitals and health systems on this list have committed to staying on the forefront of change in healthcare. The hospitals have dedicated departments, institutes and organizations to promote research, development and innovation. Several of the centers include process redesign, care delivery and coordination improvement initiatives; others incubate new ideas for integrating IT into healthcare delivery. Departments featured on this list also support surgeons and researchers in obtaining patents and bringing their ideas for medical devices, diagnostics and mobile health platforms into reality.

Several centers featured on this list have established commercialization arms and technology transfer offices addressing some of the biggest challenges in healthcare delivery.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Brigham Digital Innovation Hub (Boston). Brigham and Women’s Hospital launched its innovation hub in 2013 to help the hospital’s clinicians, scientists and employees advance their ideas for improving care. The Brigham Digital Innovation Hub, also called iHub, has a digital health consulting team of about five employees supporting new ideas and collaborations with organizations such as Microsoft, Redox and Harvard Business School. The innovation hub has led hackathons in the hospital to develop solutions to challenges in pulmonary, surgery and radiology services, among other clinical areas.