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Redox adds first health system customer with Brigham Health deal in push to expand interoperability

Redox Engine, a health IT business focused on reducing the friction caused by hospitals integrating new technology and supporting interoperability, has tended to be paid by the health vendors that use its cloud-based API service to get in front of patients and clinicians. But the Madison, Wisconsin-based business is poised to expand that business model with the addition of its first hospital customer — Brigham Health, which includes Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization.

“We’re eager to be better partners to our colleagues at digital health startups and large vendors alike,” Landman said. “This platform will allow us to efficiently and securely share information and data that are essential to supporting the development of novel technologies that have the potential to ultimately improve the care of our patients.” Read full article here