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How Boston has transformed itself into a powerful digital health ecosystem

Boston is home to many prominent hospitals. Although both hospitals and digital health startups seek to improve healthcare, collaborations between them aren’t always easy. In Boston, however, health systems like Brigham and Women’s, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital have created processes to connect with digital health startups and facilitate the review and onboarding of proposed pilots and research studies.

“There are new startups being formed every day, and as an organization, we can’t meet them all,” said Adam Landman, CIO at Brigham Health. “We have developed a basic screening form and process, and we also rely on our relationships with digital health community accelerators, venture firms, and other vetting partners to help us stay informed and connected with the best up-and-coming solutions available.”

Brigham and Women’s hospital has also launched a digital innovation hub called iHub that works with clinicians, researchers, and staff to accelerate and commercialize digital health ideas.

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