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BWH Clinical and Research News: Look Who’s Talking

In this month’s issue of the BWH Clinical & Research News, BWH iHub’s own Brian Mullen was asked: “How has the new Building for Transformative Medicine helped you to advance care for patients?”

“The BTM has a great “water-cooler” effect: inviting spaces with comfortable seating and whiteboards are convenient for ad hoc team meetings and brainstorming, and people frequently stop by our office on the way to the conference center or research lab. Our most direct link to patients is our iHub Speaker Series which we have every month to encourage and facilitate discussion around digital health innovation. Our primary audience is the startup community and business schools but Brigham patients are more than welcome to attend. The public spaces in the BTM are perfect for this public series of events, and so far we have hosted guest speakers such as the Chief Medical Officer of Samsung and Chief Digital Health Officer of Boston Scientific.”

– Brian Mullen, Innovation Strategy Manager, Brigham Innovation Hub

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