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Announcing BWH’s First Digital Health Expo on June 30

Digital health is everywhere in Boston – on the news, in the lab next door and, hopefully, on your smartphone.

The healthcare landscape has been populated by new innovations: analytics, devices, data, wearable technologies, electronic health records and more – and people can’t stop talking about it. But it’s more than the latest trend; digital health is here to stay for so many reasons:

  • It has the power to transform healthcare by harnessing cutting-edge technology to reduce inefficiencies, lower costs and help providers deliver better patient care.
  • It connects clinical innovators to the business world – startups, investors, students and big industry – and allows them to work together in search of solutions to everyday healthcare problems.
  • To me, the most compelling reason is that digital health affects everyone.

Thinking back on the past few iHub Innovation Series, we saw participants from many different backgrounds: doctors, nurses, social workers and researchers across clinical specialties and departments. Our innovators are working on solutions across diseases and throughout the entire continuum of care, from better ways to manage clinical trials for asthma and tools supporting patients with breast cancer, to apps to help doctors predict opioid overdoses and point-of-care infertility screening – and so much more.

Every type of BWH patient and every type of BWH clinical provider is affected in some way by an issue being addressed by digital health efforts. Therefore, every patient and every provider can benefit from advancements in the digitalization of health.

And the more patients and providers get involved, the stronger our innovation efforts.

This is why we hope to see you at the first-ever iHub Digital Health Expo on Thursday, June 30. Companies (listed below) will be on the Shapiro Pike (70 Francis St., 2nd Floor), showcasing interactive digital products and services from noon until 4:30pm (followed by a networking reception).

You’ll learn about digital solutions for your patients, family members and loved ones – and odds are, you’ll find something that could someday benefit you personally.

So, whether you have one minute to spare between meetings or fifteen minutes after lunch, we hope you can swing by. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

See you soon,


Lesley Solomon,

iHub Executive Director

We are excited to welcome the following companies to BWH on June 30:

  • offers Care Coordination Record™, which simplifies complex care for everyone involved by connecting all care team members and driving coordinated action through one cloud-based interoperable platform.
  • BrainSpec is a software platform that enables a virtual biopsy: an accurate, rapid, and non-invasive diagnosis of brain disorders using magnetic resonance spectroscopy for improved patient care.
  • BWH Burn App (developed by the Burn team and Brigham’s Digital Health Innovation Group) is a mobile and web-based application that provides approved community clinicians resources and direct pager access to the BWH Burn team, 24 hours a day.
  • Cake is a simple app to do advance care and end-of-life planning.
  • CAPINC will be showcasing the latest in Stratasys 3D printing, including the new full-color multi-material J750 printer.
  • Cyft creates, evaluates, and deploys predictive models from healthcare data – any type, any format (even notes) – quickly and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Duet Health offers mobile-first engagement and communication software for patients and providers.
  • Evidation Health is a technology platform which validates the clinical and economic impact of digital health tools and technologies on outcomes.
  • HealthyMation is introducing its first evidence-based mobile health program, Why WAIT, that brings Hollywood animations, a proven gaming architecture, machine learning and a network of licensed health professionals to a clinically-proven weight loss program for the prevention and management of diabetes.
  • Herald is a customizable clinical alerting system that allows clinicians to receive their data exactly when and how they need it.
  • iHealth Oasis empowers consumers to take control of their health and wellness and coordinate care.
  • ListRunner is an intelligent patient list for clinical teams to share updates, collaborate on tasks, and communicate with secure messages.
  • Mango Health offers a chronic disease self-management platform that allows patients to track symptoms, key preventive services, and medication adherence with delivery of results back to the care team via the electronic health record (EHR).
  • MC10‘s new BioStamp Research Connect System was designed to comfortably gather raw physiological data from multiple locations on the body and provide the data directly to researchers, making it the ultimate research tool for uncovering biometric insights.
  • Medisafe is a patient-centric personalized medication management platform addressing all major causes of non-adherence.
  • Wellist is an online navigation tool that connects patients with non-clinical support services they need outside the hospital.