Open Innovation Studio


Located within the Hale Building for Transformative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, iHub’s Open Innovation Studio is a place for Brigham innovators to engage with members of iHub and others within the innovation ecosystem to accelerate and advance their digital solutions and ideas, through brainstorming, coaching, advice, strategy mapping and being connected to the right resources.

The iHub Open Innovation Studio is the best place to start exploring and cultivating your idea. In your initial kick-off meeting, iHub team members and internal stakeholders will listen to your ideas and solutions, collect the needed information to make decisions on further investment and project support and overall help guide you in a structured and strategic way.

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Once evaluated, iHub will then provide pre-defined project support, advancement and investment on a case by case basis. If chosen to support or advance, iHub team members will:

  • Explore the potential of your idea for commercial viability, as either a product or service,

  • Evaluate the opportunity for potential collaboration with external collaborators such as a start-up or industry,

  • Help move your project towards a pathway of translation,

  • Work to connect you with the best resources to help you advance your idea forward.

Select projects, mainly those identified with high potential, high reward and high impact, will be provided extra support in their advancement. This is often done for finalists and winners of various internal programming, such as the Schlager Family Award for Digital Health Innovation.

The iHub Open Innovation Studio and other iHub services are open to all Brigham employees, of all levels, with early stage digital health or ideas, or those merely interested or passionate about the digital transformation of health care.


Join Us at the Studio

iHub’s Open Innovation Studio is run through a self-service model. Innovators may reach out and request an initial meeting with members of iHub to receive guidance, support and direction tailored to your specific project at it’s current stage.  

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Not sure if iHub is the best first step?

Reach out to us and we can help connect you with the best internal and external resources to bring your idea to the next level.