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Validation key in digital health, but how do you get started?

Once a promising futuristic industry, digital health is merging into mainstream medicine. Now in the limelight, conversations around how these digital tools should be validated are starting to take place. 

But for startups, getting validation often means securing money and partners, creating potential barriers for young startups. Last night at Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs digital health event, industry experts dished on the why, when and how of validation. 

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Innovation means creating for the right circumstances

Progress in the healthcare industry often means a lot of back and forth between outside innovators and providers — and the two don’t always see eye to eye. But both are essential for progress.  

“Most of the startups are in a hurry and most of healthcare is not, so how how do we navigate this?” Santosh Mohan of the HIMSS Innovation Committee said at the Innovation Symposium at HIMSS19.

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How Will Innovation Impact Accountable Care Organizations and Healthcare in Massachusetts?

In November, a Massachusetts HealthCheck, sponsored by the Scottish Development International, was held where influencers in the Massachusetts ecosystem discussed the challenges and opportunities of driving innovation to ACOs. (The event was co-organized by MassChallenge HealthTech, Brigham and Women’s Digital Innovation Hub, Massachusetts eHealth Institute (MeHI), and Massachusetts Health Policy Commission.)

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66 hospitals and health systems with innovation programs | 2018

The hospitals and health systems on this list have committed to staying on the forefront of change in healthcare. The hospitals have dedicated departments, institutes and organizations to promote research, development and innovation. Several of the centers include process redesign, care delivery and coordination improvement initiatives; others incubate new ideas for integrating IT into healthcare delivery. Departments featured on this list also support surgeons and researchers in obtaining patents and bringing their ideas for medical devices, diagnostics and mobile health platforms into reality.

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A Harvard hospital explains why its best startup yet is one that sends you texts about your poop

"Both saw decreases in no show rates of over 30%. That's a very significant ROI right then and there," said Adam Landman, the chief information officer of Brigham Health.

The startup is called Medumo, and the experiment is part of a strategic collaboration between PULSE@MassChallenge and the Brigham Innovation Hub, which the health system started in 2013 with the mission of testing new ideas in clinical settings. Brigham Health has tested out some early stage pilots and studies to see what parts of new technology does and doesn't work.

The innovation hub also serves as a connection point between clinicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

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Aetna's new app, telehealth debate, and more news and views from CHC 2018

Voice tech company Orbita and Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Digital Innovation Hub have announced a new partnership that will explore “very specific, high-value use cases” for voice and chatbot capabilities enabled through the cloud-based Orbita Voice platform. 

“[The Digital Innovation Hub] bring a deep understanding of the security implementations of these kinds of solutions, so we couldn’t be happier with the partnership relationship,” Nathan Treloar, president and cofounder of Orbita, said during a press event this morning.

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Orbita Takes Steps to Drive Innovation in Conversational AI and Voice Technology Solutions for Health Care

Orbita and team members from Brigham and Women's Hospital Digital Innovation Hub will be working together to explore and advance the use of voice-enabled and conversational AI solutions in health care. The organizations will collaborate on innovation of digital health care applications that leverage voice assistants, chatbots, and other conversational user interfaces to improve patient engagement, remote care, clinical efficiency and business processes.

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