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Aetna's new app, telehealth debate, and more news and views from CHC 2018

Voice tech company Orbita and Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Digital Innovation Hub have announced a new partnership that will explore “very specific, high-value use cases” for voice and chatbot capabilities enabled through the cloud-based Orbita Voice platform. 

“[The Digital Innovation Hub] bring a deep understanding of the security implementations of these kinds of solutions, so we couldn’t be happier with the partnership relationship,” Nathan Treloar, president and cofounder of Orbita, said during a press event this morning.

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The Digital Innovation Hub: Five Years of Incubating Innovation

A good idea is just an idea—until it finds champions to make it a real-life innovation. Institutions across Partners HealthCare are energized to embrace that spark. That was the vision behind the launch of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Digital Innovation Hub (iHub) in 2013, when 72% of surveyed BWH employees said they had an innovative idea but didn’t know how to make it a reality.

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iHub Celebrates 5 Years of Innovation at the Brigham

On Sept. 12, more than 200 clinicians, scientists, staff and entrepreneurs commemorated the fifth anniversary of the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub (iHub) during a celebration of innovation and digital advancement at BWH and beyond.

The half-day event, “iHub Turns 5,” featured panel discussions with BWH innovators, iHub alumni and senior leaders from the Brigham and Partners HealthCare in the Hale Building for Transformative Medicine.

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Iron Man Meets iHub: Resident Follows His Superhero’s Path to Innovation

When I walked into the iHub Open Innovation Studio on my first day, I was transported into a Silicon Valley-like workspace. The walls were bright blue and green. Large white boards covered portions of the walls with timelines, checkboxes and neon Post-it notes. Snacks and iHub swag sat on the large conference table in the middle of the room. Floor-to-ceiling windows extended the openness into the hallway. I felt my inner Tony Stark brimming with excitement. If you enjoy this kind of setting and health care innovation, this elective is for you!

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A Nurse’s Innovation: “Virtual Monitoring” Increases Access, Decreases Travel

A nurse practitioner in the department of radiation oncology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boyajian manages the monitoring visits required for men who have been treated for prostate cancer. The good news for these patients is the high success rates for men who receive treatment. But they must follow-up regularly with blood tests to check for early signs of recurrence and with physician visits to report any symptoms.

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BWH Makes Innovation Interactive During HUBweek

“HUBweek showcases the best of Boston’s innovation culture, and our first year participating was a success by all measures,” said Adam Landman, MD, chief information officer at Brigham Health. “Attendees left not only knowing more about Brigham research and initiatives, but the content of several sessions also helped them feel knowledgeable and empowered in the face of crisis.”

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Game Changers in 3-D Medical Imaging Manipulation

Kovtun and Williams used their programming knowledge to develop innovative software to more easily manipulate 3-D imaging data, working on the project in their spare time outside of work. But when they faced funding obstacles in realizing their entrepreneurial vision, they turned to resources at BWH to take their project to the next level.

Initial seed funding from the BRI enabled them to shift their software from a weekend side project to a full-fledged academic research venture. Strategic commercialization guidance from iHub further accelerated the project’s movement, providing the duo with entrepreneurial advice and connecting them to business development resources. With iHub’s support, Kovtun and Williams could develop their idea and enter it into the Shark Tank competition.

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58 Hospitals with Innovation Programs (2017)

The hospitals and health systems on this list have committed to keeping up with — or getting ahead of — the pace of change in healthcare. These hospitals formed dedicated centers and institutes for innovation, research and development. The products coming out of these programs range from technological, including medical devices, diagnostics and mobile health platforms, to clinical workflows, simulation and process improvements.

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Get to know: The "PULSE" of Boston's Digital Health Community

By definition a pulse is the regular throbbing of arteries, cause by successive contractions of the heart. More simply put, a pulse is life. A pulse is movement. Is the body alive and working? Is it able to move, grow and thrive?

If you haven’t heard about PULSE@MassChallenge, then you are missing the “PULSE” of digital innovation in Boston. As a champion organization to PULSE, the Brigham Health iHub team  pitched this past Wednesday at the monthly PULSE CHECK. Learn more about the PULSE program below.

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Men’s Health Month: The Future of Digital Fertility

More than 45 million couples worldwide experience challenges when trying to get pregnant. The eye-opening conversation with a doctor that brings to light the reality that you may not be able to grow your family in the way you always envisioned, can be heartbreaking. When the issue arises, the spotlight seems to automatically focus in on the woman. Despite men making up half our population, men’s health topics are not commonly discussed – in particular, men’s fertility. Supported by the Brigham Digital Innovation Hub and Brigham and Women’s Translational Accelerator, the team of Hadi Shafiee, PhD, a scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has created a smartphone-based test and application that can measure the quality of sperm and ultimately change the direction in patient care when it comes to male fertility issues.

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