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Founded in 2013, as an internal resource for innovators who want to develop and commercialize their solutions, iHub still puts much of it’s focus into bringing internal innovators and their ideas forward.

Working with innovators from all levels and backgrounds within the Brigham family, iHub helps these individuals take a methodological approach to innovation; guiding the innovator in the process from having an idea and understanding of the clear problem definition to then defining the requirements needed in a solution, testing and measuring the hypotheses of the impact this solution will have, and devising a management plan for internal leaders and clinical stakeholders, vendors or members of industry to advance the project forward. iHub takes pride in the daily task of connecting the hospital community to the right resources to implement digital health projects that could benefit patients.

Through various resources such as the iHub Open Innovation Studio, the Digital Health Innovation Guide, the Schlager Family Award for Digital Health Innovation and many more, iHub has helped dozens of Brigham innovators move their innovative ideas and technologies forward to positively impact patient experience and care, both now and in the future.


Resources for Internal Innovation


By navigating the internal database of digital health companies that have previously connected with the Brigham, you can view and connect with individuals and departments across the system.


iHub Disrupting Medicine Award

Starting in 2018, during the “iHub Turns Five: Celebration of Digital Health Innovation in Hospitals” event iHub awarded the first ever “Disrupting Medicine” award to iHub Founder and former Executive Director, Lesley Solomon, MBA.

Moving forward as an annual award, the recipient or recipients of this award will embody the characteristics of the innovators that inspired the creation of iHub in 2013. Innovators who have the passion to enable change, the courage to pursue high reward in the face of high risk, the creativity to get the job done, and the ability to make innovation accessible to all.

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Innovation from the Front Lines of Health Care