Our Focus

Our unique offerings and connections to Brigham Health provide a platform to accelerate digital innovation. Learn what we do and how we are driving the institution's vision for digital transformation.


Digital Infrastructure

Establishing a digital infrastructure to make it easier to innovate at BWHC.


Digital Delta Force

Identifying and evaluating digital solutions which support Brigham Health's strategic goals.


Open Innovation Studio

Creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem by partnering clinicians, researchers, staff members, and industry leaders.

Digital Infrastructure

Improving the innovation pathway at Brigham Health, and beyond, by creating digital technology infrastructure.

We facilitate and expedite technology implementation and collaboration through the Digital Health Innovation Guide (DHIG) process. In combination with our network, our process provides a unique advantage to integrate new technologies rapidly in a safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant manner.

Digital Delta Force

Identify and test solutions for impact and scale by aligning with strategic goals.


We support strategy and process improvement teams by bringing a digital lens and connections to our bespoke innovation network.


We engage the right internal subject matter experts to understand needs, and we match those needs to best-of-breed solutions from portfolios and our trusted advisors.


We use our digital infrastructure to rapidly deploy and assess the solution’s ability to meet our needs. 

Open Innovation Studio

Build and sustain the innovation ecosystem by partnering with clinicians and scientists, innovation ecosystem, industry partners.



Join us at our monthly iHub Speakers Series featuring leaders across the industries. During our events, we will explore various topics relating to digital health and innovation.

Our Digital Innovation Forum allows innovators at the Brigham to connect with their peers. This provides a great opportunity for innovators to present their ideas and receive feedback.



We aim to support your ideas and help to coach you and your team. We help you advance your ideas by providing advice on next steps and connecting you with the right resources.

We offer a digital toolbox containing a plethora of hardware and software. This library of tools will helpt to further enable innovation.


We help bring high potential and high impact ideas forward. From proof of concept to final product, our team can provide an environment to develop, test, and implement your idea rapidly.