Digital Health Innovation Guide

Creating a Digital Infrastructure



Brigham Health Information Systems Digital Health Innovation Group (DHIG) is a resource available to the entire Brigham Health community. DHIG's goal is to fill an innovator need – create a single point of entry that efficiently provides IS assistance tailored to an innovator’s needs and ensures innovators are informed of hospital polices and governmental regulations governing digital health innovation.  DHIG members are experts in information security, research computing, materials and project management.



As part of the DHIG process, we bring together a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders on a regular basis to advise each pilot and surface potential blockers early on. This group includes our colleagues from information security, engineering, legal, contracting, and institutional review board—just to name a few.

From the project side, the project lead, clinical and administrative champion, and external vendor/developer present their initiative, and the advisors help them create a roadmap to launch—this is our DHIG checklist.


The DHIG governance committee and process reduces risk for both individual projects and for the broader organization, improving the likelihood success by ensuring proper approvals and best practices are followed.



Information Security, Partners eCare, Compliance, Biomedical Engineering, IRB, Partners Innovation and other teams



Pre-approved/customizable guardrails and regular check-ins keep projects on track