Brigham Mobile Research Platform


Empowering clinical researchers with powerful mobile health data collection tools.

The Brigham Mobile Research Platform was created by Brigham Health, and the ADK Group, to allow researchers to unlock the potential of mobile devices to make discoveries and advance care. Each study on the platform involves two key technology components: a researcher-friendly study administration tool and a customizable patient-facing mobile app built for iOS and Android devices. The platform is an idea solution for studies of any size where off-the-shelf survey app solutions are too restrictive and where the risk, costs, and effort involved in custom development is not warranted.


User friendly, native mobile applications for your patients on iPhone and Android devices.

  • Commonly used mobile app features include:

    • Customizable surveys;

    • Alerts and push notification reminders;

    • Data collection from phone sensors;

    • Data collection from over 400 connected devices.

  • Custom interactions and analytics ca be tailored to study needs.

Streamlined study administration through an easy-to-use web portal.

  • Study team administration – easy researcher and care coordinator onboarding and offboarding.

  • Dashboards allowing easy access to study performance and participant data summaries.

  • Streamlined participant onboarding – from consent to the study’s completion.

  • Customizable data visualizations.

  • Quickly and easily export raw data into popular statistical analysis tools.

Why choose the Brigham Mobile Research Platform?

  1. Secure, HIPAA compliant hosting (through Partners or Amazon Web Services).

  2. Partner IRB/IS compliant with 100% success rate through IRB and information security review.

  3. Optimized for grant funded projects – we assist with everything from applications to reporting.


Interested in building an app?